Our name is a nod to the golden age when whisky was made by hand. Barley was harvested locally, and peat shovelled by factory workers under malting floors. Gauges were read and dials turned. Human beings tinkered with the heads, tails, and heart of pure distillate. Their triumphs and failures led to the most unexpected and magical of results. This is a celebration of the humanity of whisky.

Heads & Tails Spirits Co. is a provider of premium spirits – notably single-malt, single-cask scotch whisky – but also many of the finest gins, rums, Cognacs, and Armagnacs that the world has to offer. Heads & Tails Spirits Co. works alongside provincial liquor commissions to bring these exclusive products to knowledgable and thirsty spirit enthusiasts throughout Canada.

Heads & Tails represents the following producers:

The Whisky Agency

Jack Wieber's Whisky World




Eiling Lim

Daniel Bouju Cognacs

and more....

The Heads & Tails Teams:

Igor Kossov brings to Heads & Tails an exciting lineup of European producers of premium spirits, as well as relationships with many notable experts in the field. Igor holds a Professional Spirits Diploma from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust UK.

Jason Melman is intimately knowledgeable on premium spirit products and overseas quality control and inventory selection for Heads & Tails Spirits Company.